While serving ads online, it’s important to give a reader an advertisement that will most likely interest them, making the ad less bothering and at the same time more effective. To achieve this, you will need information. You can be successful if you have various data about the reader. Our goal is to help advertisers and agencies on the programmatic market, providing adequate 3rd party data.

  • Precise targeting on the specified target groups
  • Flexible target group creating specified by unique requirements
  • Segmented database available in DMP/DSP systems
  • A new source of revenue selling data
  • Integration of user data based on databases


Automated advertising platforms are selling and buying their inventory, uploading their advertisements on an electronic market using various software-systems and give account to other players on the market, to advertisers, publishers and agencies in an automated way. DMP systems are connected to these systems and this way data gets into the circle of advertisement selling, and ads reach readers more accurately . AdForm is the partner of DataMe data management platform, the database of DataMe is available through their automated marketplace but of course, our system can also be connected to other database managers.

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Privát DMP szolgáltatással bővítette tevékenységét a DataMe Kft. A Barion Payment Zrt. a DataMe PDMP megoldását választotta A DataMe Kft. - az első magyarországi adatmenedzsment platform fejlesztője és üzemeltetője – 2019-től már úgynevezett PDMP, azaz Private Data [...]

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