Publishers can acquire a new source of income with selling and using their data knowingly. Advertisers and agencies can reach their target groups more precisely with these accurate and large-size databases. The protection of data and private life is a significant question for us, so we don’t collect or use private data in our service. Processing data, creating segments, selling data, the service of the data-driven advertisement solutions are handled by a DMP system (Data Management Platform), just like DataMe Ltd.


With our PDMP solution data owners can determine how they want to sell their data in the programmatic world. They can provide authority to certain players on the market (agencies, advertisers) to use their data. DataMe Ltd. as a subcontractor helps these clients to work up and implement their marketing strategy.

When the PDMP solution is needed?

  • If an organisation has a user database which they’d like to use and sell in a programmatic environment.
  • If they don’t yet have a user database but have websites with readers and a need arises to use data collected about them.

  • If they need a professional partner who can provide the technology and the help to build a marketing strategy.


There is user data available, but their usage is not resolved yet? Technological questions arise, or the proper software is missing to sell data?
Participating URLs
Identifiers in various segments
Unique identifiers


The Aggregator collects anonym data from internet users and creates and sells an aggregated database containing these.

The Data provider brings available user databases, tagged URLs to the Aggregator.

A system developed by Datame Ltd, which processes and segments data brought by Data providers.

“Data Management Platform. DataMe Ltd signs on with DMP companies that provide the distribution of the data. Dividing the income is based on the publicly available accounting of our DMP partners. PDMP, Private DMP is a solution where the collected data is only available for its owner and those who get the authority from them”

The source of data from the data provider can be an online advertising platform, the visitor data of the specified website (soft data) or the personal data from user profiles on websites that are not considered as private data (hard data). Collected soft data doesn’t contain private data.

Visitor data collected on websites during readers’ activity.

Data created in databases, namely registration data and other information connected to the visitor.

In case of hard data, the provider claims and guarantees that private data, data that can be used to identify persons and official data are not included in those provided to the Aggregator and during data-collection, they comply with their obligation to provide information, as implied in relevant legal requirements.

Prices, accountable by the datacollector, are determined considering the traffic report of the aggregator. The aggregator gives the dataprovider a specified per cent of its clear income from selling data.

The dataprovider can follow their income by logging in to In case the income exceeds the billing amount, the aggregator sends a document inquiring a bill to the dataprovider.