We fight advertisement wastage!

Automated advertising solutions can work effectively if the cooperating systems can make their decisions in real-time, using accurate data. Our company supports members of the advertising market by providing data about Hungarian readers. Data is essential if we are to reach the right reader in an automated way.

Datame Ltd was founded in October 2016. In the first period, we were running tests and collecting data that development followed in 2017. All necessary systems were ready by the beginning of 2018 and we had enough partners to start the live service at the same time.
With the progression of the programmatic market, there is a growing need for data of good quality and amount. Hungarian market lacks such data, and after the introduction of GDPR, it is not allowed to use the data of the reader without informing them. We help advertisers and agencies on the programmatic market by providing data specified to their campaigns, and at the same time, we give a new income source for publishers.
Our private DMP solution helps those data owners who want to use their data in a programmatic environment but only for their own goals, so the collected data remains in their possession.
We offer “public” segments that are available in Adform DMP system but we also have solutions for creating “unique” groups, specified in cooperation with advertisers and agencies to their needs. With our PDMP solution, we can provide isolated segments that contain the client’s own data in their own possession. Currently, we have nearly 9 million unique identifiers in our database collected and segmented from our partners’, from several hundreds of publishers’ websites.
„While formerly campaign managers and planners choose the appropriate sites for specified target groups, in the future, softwares will make these decisions for us. We will only support their conclusions using several systems. Such a solution is DMP (Data Management Platform), which provides data to DSP (Demand Side Platform) and SSP (Supply Side Platfrom) systems via AdXchange.”
Ferenc Szutor, Datame Ltd.


Ferenc Szutor, CEO of the company is also responsible for sales and project management tasks. Dorina Takács is responsible for marketing and communication and also supports the management with administrative work. In development and system operation we rely on subcontractors and on the developers of Adverticum Ltd. – mostly on the help of Gábor Simon. We have a colleague who is responsible for our mental health and wellbeing, Blanka, who is with us from the very beginning.

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